[TRANS] Baekhyun @ Singing In The Rain Q&A



Baekhyun Singin in the Rain Q & AQ: For me, Singing In The Rain is a…?
A: A challenge.

Q: How would you describe your character (Don Lockwood) using 10 words?
A: We have several similarities.

Q: The role I have been assigned, it is one I can play over any other!
A: I will work very hard, and if I don’t get it right away, I will treat it as a challenge until then.

Q: Words from your coaches that stick with you the most?
A: You will do well.

Q: While rehearsing, were there any co-stars that made mistakes? Did you ever call them out?
A: I myself am lacking in many areas, so I tend not to notice other people’s mistakes.

Q: Your favorite line from Singing In the Rain?
A: “My heart is like the sky.”

Q: This is…

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[INSTAGRAM UPDATES] Compilation of Messages Made on June 3rd


Woah, he beat 2048. I only got up to 2048…



이게임누가만들었냐………..#2048 (who made this game………..#2048 [x])

수호레오승호 레오야니가형같다^^? (suho leo seungho, leo-yah you’re like a hyung^^?)

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[INSTAGRAM UPDATES] Compilation of Messages Made on June 9th